It's Just

that Good!



Half Cow (Single)                 $4.99                                 Whole Cow (Double)              $6.49
Cow Tipper (Tripple)             $7.59                                 Turkey                               $5.49
Veggie                                $5.49                                Grilled Chicken                   $5.49
BLT                                     $4.49

All served on your choice of White, Wheat, Jalapeno, Toast, Ice ( Lettuce cups) or Gluten Free Bread

Free Toppings ( Make it your own)                Sauce It UP!!!                             
Lettuce                                   Tomato                                Ketchup                      Mustard
Pickle                                     Onion                                   Mayo                           Ranch
Jalapeno                                 Grilled Onion                         BBQ                            Cholula
Sauteed Mushrooms                 Relish                                  Honey Mustard           Spicy Mayo
Grilled Bell Peppers                  Green Chiles

Thats Right We Said FREE


American Cheese  .80       Swiss Cheese      .80       Fried EGG  1.00
Cheddar Cheese    .80       Pepper-Jack        .80
Bacon                  .80       Avocado              .80       Chili          .80

Salads and Wraps

Garden Salad     $5.25                Chicken Salad           $6.49

Chicken Wrap    $4.25                Chicken Club Wrap     $5.25

Choice of salad dressing (Ranch, Honey Mustard or Italian)

    Hand Cut Fries
Small (1 person) $1.99        Medium (1-2 people) $2.99       Large (3-4 people) $4.99

     Hand Made Onion Rings
Small $2.50            Large  $3.50

Kids Meals                                                                                                            All Kids Meals $4.99

Jr. Burger                Hot Dog          Corn Dog
Chicken Strips        Grilled Cheese

( Includes kids fries, kids drink & kids size ice cream)

Beverages                                                Draft Beer

   Regular  $1.79                                                           15 Craft beers to select from
   Large      $2.19                                                            Happy Hour   Mon-Thu   4-6  

                                                                                       $2.25 Short or 5.50 Tall

Something Sweet                                      
  Hand Scooped Shakes & Malts    $2.50 small  $3.50 Large  (Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate & Oreo)
  Cup of Ice Cream   ( A Scoop $1.50 or Two $2.50)

  Cookies   $1.50


Monday-Saturday: 11am-9pm
Sunday: 11am-8pm


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